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The Z-Score AI algorithm uses intricate weighting and multifaceted factors like profitability, risk, and consistency to identify top traders. Only the best traders can be listed on ZIGDAO.
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Zignaly has built a business to leverage the social predisposition of humans to lower the barrier of entry to cryptocurrency trading.”

What really sets Zignaly apart is its profit-sharing feature. Crypto investors can duplicate the trades of up to 100 expert traders — and only pay trading fees when profits are made from closed positions.”

Clearly, Zignaly has a strong use case in a world where a significant number of crypto traders rely on recommendations”

Zignaly has created an environment where trading platforms, users, and expert traders can benefit from one anothers input while contributing to a comprehensive ecosystem.”

About 100,000 crypto investors use the crypto copy trading tool that Zignaly offers. This easy-to-use, results-driven tool enables you to select and copy the strategies of successful crypto traders with minimal effort.”

Zignaly puts a spin on traditional copy trading by calling it smart investing. At its core, it connects investors with traders and profits are shared when successful trades are copied."

Zignaly is a social investment platform that allows investors to follow expert traders in a seamless manner. This results in not only the investors achieving optimized returns, but hundreds of traders are monetizing on their trading skillset."

Zignaly is the better platform for copy trading live traders. The platform has an innovative Profit-Sharing feature where you can split a pool of your investable assets among multiple traders."

How is ZIGDAO different than other similar platforms?

Our (not-so) secret sauce is a scoring algorithm (the Z-Score) powered by AI that highlights the best traders based on your risk appetite and return expectations. Once you have selected the trader, our technology takes care of everything, so you can relax and watch your assets grow.

How is profit sharing beneficial over copy-trading?

What would you prefer, Warren Buffet managing your money or you copying what Warren Buffet does?

We tried copy-trading for over 3 years but soon realized there were better ways to share a winning trading strategy than copy-trading. With copy-trading, you are subject to slippage, you can't follow several services from the same account, you need an account with the same properties as the trader ones, and you need a minimum balance. You can't ever expect the same results when following with copy-trading. Profit-Sharing guarantees identical results.

How much do ZIGDAO services cost?

An account on ZIGDAO is free; you only pay a performance fee, a percentage of the earnings you get from the different services; we call it "Success Fee."

How are my funds secured?

ZIGDAO, formerly known as Zignaly, has been operating for five years and has been trusted by half a million members.ZIGDAO doesn't have custody of your funds.

They are kept by Binance and protected by their SAFU.On top of that, ZIGDAO has several layers of security to avoid unauthorized access to your account, and we never had a security accident.

Unlike banks and some exchanges that speculate with your hard-earned money, with ZIGDAO, 100% of your funds are kept safely in your account or managed by a service you choose.

In addition, ZIGDAO is trusted and backed by the leading VCs in the crypto space, and as shown on its website, Binance recognizes it as one of the top brokers.

How much can I start with?

The average investment is around $200, but there isn't any minimum.

Is there a difference in returns between large and small investors?

No, in ZIGDAO, we do not distinguish between large or small investors; our goal is to offer the best service and the same opportunities to everybody around the world.

How can I deposit FIAT money on the platform (EUR or USD)?

You can't. But if you are serious about this, you can convert your FIAT here

Buy crypto here >
Can I withdraw at any time?

Our technology permits the trader to liberate funds to withdraw at any time. You still have to wait until the daily settlement once the funds are available, but it takes less than 24h.

Is it Zignaly or ZIGDAO?

We started as Zignaly, and during 5 years, we iterated and tuned our service until what we have today. Zignaly launched the ZIG token and plans to become a DAO, so we are rebranding ourselves as ZIGDAO.

Can I join ZIGDAO if I register as a trader?

There is no difference at the moment of registration; after creating the account, you can offer your trading services.

How ever you will not be listed as a PRO and in our marketplace until we collect enough data on your performance.

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